Change is the only constant in life

Here we are with the next instalment of our Dry Crust/Buzzit update – the times they are a changing. Of course that is the title of Bob Dylan’s 1964 song, as pertinent now as it was then, as it has been in all the intervening years.

We often quote the line – ‘Change is the only constant in life.’
It comes from the ancient Greek philosopher Heraclitus.

Heraclitus was a pioneer of wisdom who lived over 500 years before Jesus Christ. His thoughts fed into the writings of Aristotle and Plato.

It will be a relief now to be down to level two and working back in your offices with some face to face contact. The coronavirus situation has certainly brought upon us an unprecedented time of change. It has forced us to think of new ways to stay in touch and everyone it seems has turned to social media to compensate for the lack of face-to-face human contact.

Musicians and artists, writers, poets, bloggers and politicians of all elks have turned to social media to get their music, art, poetry and points of view out to their audience.

And one thing this has done is thrust the social media channels into the frontline of community engagement. More than ever now, it will be essential for us to have a comprehensive social media strategy operating to maintain communication with our residents and stakeholders.

I would encourage you to explore all the features of Buzzit via our online tutorials so that you can make the most of the features it offers. By maximising your use of your Buzzit platform, you will put yourself on the frontline of community engagement by providing effective, measured and informed communication for these changing times.

Feel free to give me a call with questions or for any help you need.

Change is the only constant in life