The times they are a changin’ Issue#3

August 5, 2020

Hello there

Hello there. Here we are with Buzz – the times they are a changing, for July.

Keeping the Bob Dylan theme going for a bit, you’ll be pleased to know the 2019 Nobel Prize for Literature recipient, released his new album Rough and Rowdy Ways last month. And he sent it out on the airwaves with the comment, ‘be observant’.

Now as astute and observant communicators, I guess the bard is wanting us to keep our eyes open for evolving trends, to be aware of the issues and concerns of our stakeholders, residents and ratepayers and to be prepared to change the way we do things to be more efficient and effective in engaging with the world around us!

That’s why Buzzit fits in so well with our community engagement strategies – it allows us to get feedback on the current issues and concerns of our audience and respond to them accordingly.

You will be keen to look over the new features we have added to Buzzit too.

You can now add series subheadings to your page layouts, search for a particular article without having to scroll through your whole list and you can now have more control over how the articles and flipbooks you post on Facebook, appear.

And this month we welcome The Coaster’s Weekly to the family of Buzzit users. Coaster’s Weekly is published by The Coaster’s Club every week. It’s a great read covering the issues, personalities and attractions of the West Coast. Have a look over it here:

Make the most of your Buzzit platform and don’t forget to call me if you are questions, comments and suggestions.

Talk soon



Hello there

Check out these new features of Buzzit

It has been great to receive feedback on how Buzzit is working for you. We have been much appreciative of your suggestions for developments and have taken note!

Here’s four new features we have added as a result your feedback.

1. Series sub headings

You can now add series subheadings to your page layouts. You will find the text box to do this in your dashboard under ‘New Articles’.

Follow the link to Coasters Weekly to see how this little feature is being used.

2. Favicon

A favicon is a small 16×16 pixel icon that serves as branding for your website. Its main purpose is to help visitors locate your page easier when they have multiple tabs open.

We can now add a favicon to your site. Please contact our tech team and we will organise this process for you.

More new features

3. Search Engine optimisation (SEO) for better Facebook postings.

You can now have more control over how the articles and flipbooks you post on Facebook, appear. You will find the SEO boxes under ‘New Article’ on the dashboard.

We have added a new video tutorial to help you make use of this new feature:

Introducing Coaster’s Weekly

It is always pretty exciting when a new publication appears on the Buzzit platform.

The Coaster’s Weekly was launched six weeks ago to a starting subscriber base of around 6,000 Coaster’s Club members.

Publishing four issues a month is a great undertaking and makes the monthly subscription good value for money – the monthly subscription remains the same, irrespective of how many issues are published per month.

We think you will be impressed with the use of video, the range of content and the sponsors pages. Have a look at the latest issue here.

Introducing Coaster’s Weekly

Open all hours

Dry Crust is open for business and would love to hear from you if you need help with graphic design, web design, publication and brochure design and layout, or branding, marketing and communication strategies.

Open all hours

Project Profile: Animation

Ever thought of using animation to get your message across?

Have a look at this mock up we produced to highlight the value of a District’s roading infrastructure.

This was produced as part of our ‘Good Value for Rates’ package that also included posters, info graphics and whiteboard scribe. More of these things later; for now, enjoy the animation.

You can find samples of our other work on our website here:

Project Profile: Animation