Something is happening…

Hello everyone. Here we are with Buzz – the times they are a changing, for September. 

Bob Dylan, that observant chronicler of our times, makes the comment in his song Ballad of A Thin Man, “something is happening, but you don’t know what it is, do you, Mr Jones?”

And Mr Jones does not know what is happening because he does not have at his disposal the very wonderful community engagement platform, Buzzit. With Buzzit of course you can know what is happening by making use of its poll and survey facility. This facet of Buzzit allows you to gain an insight to what your stakeholders are thinking on the issues and concerns of the day.

By using Buzzit’s polling facility you are able to gain valuable information that enables you to make informed decisions on the proposed projects and services you may be considering in both your Annual Plan and Long Term Plan.

With Buzzit there is no need to be  a ‘Mr Jones’; use the poll section to find out what your stakeholders are thinking and plan your response accordingly.

There is a whole lot more that Buzzit can help you with when it comes to being aware of what is happening in your community. Our tutorial videos will refresh your memory on all that Buzzit has to offer. Please make the most of them to get the best out of Buzzit.

I’d love to hear from you with questions, comments and suggestions.

Talk soon

Something is happening…