Local government communications

Who carries out road repairs; constructs footpaths; maintains a network of reserves, walkways, camping spots, cycleways, parks, gardens, beaches and foreshores; manages cemeteries; maintains bridges; responds to barking dog and noise complaints; funds community groups; provides and facilitates a network of recreation activities; controls building and environmental health permits; monitors air pollution; provides community housing and community halls; manages consent applications and food safety regulations; runs a network of libraries; provides reticulated water, sewerage, stormwater, recycling and refuse collection networks; publishes newsletters & consultation devices; provides a network of public toilets and smiles whilst doing it? Your local Council – that’s who!

Working in local government communications for 25 years has given Dry Crust an inside look at all the responsibilities that fall on District and City Council shoulders. We have developed a number of engaging services to assist Councils in fulfilling and communicating these responsibilities to their local communities.