Helping clients tell their story since 1991

Creating innovative brands and captivating marketing strategies that have a story to tell are just part of what we do.
Technically speaking Dry Crust is a full service, strategic communications provider working in print, broadcast, on-line, film and video, face-to-face and out-of-home media. Digitally speaking we specialize in engaging online, community-building communication through our Buzzit3.0 platform. We build websites too and produce stunning videos. Graphically speaking we produce booklets, brochures, posters, reports and all things print and visual. Editorially speaking we write words enough to fill a poem or a brochure or a book.

It’s not only the story you tell, but how you tell it and who hears it, that counts. We’ve been helping our clients tell their stories since 1991. Our local government and commercial clients stretch from Te Kuiti to Invercargill. is the beginning of the story.

From ink and tablet comes...